About US
A group of intellectual minds leading towards the pathway of excellence

WHO we are

Established in 2011 we initially started with an idea to explore online trading globally and now we have emerged as a global E commerce company with stores on international marketplaces where we provide impeccable services to our clients.
We believe in going beyond work to empower individuals and maintain a highly encouraged family culture for the development and growth of everyone. At GE Solucions we celebrate individuality, differences and diversity that embarks us on a journey of new ideas, new initiatives, and new talent.
We always believe in giving back to employees by creating a difference in their lives so we all can explore and flourish together.


Our Mission is to help businesses to gain strength and edge in the market with our robust IT tools and implementing the most productive technology.


Helping companies achieve their IT goals in the most hassle-free and simplistic way by building diverse and talented teams in many time zones around the globe.



Creativity and Curiosity has always been our team’s driving force. For us it is always been about playing with new ideas, brainstorming new work process that makes us all love what we do. In today's era it is all about having fun while doing work to unleash greater potentials, we at GE Solucions have individuals who believe in learning and constantly exploring new domains.

Azeem Lalani
Chief Executive Officer

I am inspired by many CEO success stories around the globe and truly convinced that success would only come to you if you have given excellence, commitment, and integrity to your “THE Objective”. Our super company was born on July 11th, 2011 and together we all have worked with our max dedication to build and nourish our company and brought quality to many lives within our GE Solucions Family. Nothing makes me more proud than facilitating the quality of life for our people and clients working with us.

Knowing that we are living in the most agile and meritocratic times in the economic history of our planet earth, I have assured that our company continues to stay steadfast on our core values, ethics, and our principles of doing business. We leave no stones unturned and have been consistently and persistently delivering robust IT solutions to our clients in a timely and quality manner. This attitude sets us apart from other companies in the market and overall it gives every individual in our company a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

During the last 11 years, we have worked with clients from almost every corner of the world. China, Bangladesh, Middle East, Canada, the USA, and the UK are the few countries to mention where our clients are serviced with a blink of an eye or click of a button.

As I look forward ahead, I am certain that our illuminated and innovative minds are focused on the acceleration of our client’s growth keeping the fact in mind that our growth strategy is our client’s growth. We are committed to continuing to build on the strength of the brand and keeping up the trend in helping our clients by sharing knowledge and providing innovative solutions that can bring positive change to the company and the communities at large. Our people are our strength and they constantly keep me incredibly motivated and excited about our journey and that makes me believe that we still have the best to come for our beloved company GE Solucions.

Celebrating Life at GE